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At the bottom of the list of top 10 starting hands is the pocket tens.  Common nicknames for this hand are TNT and dynamite (play on TNT). Like all pocket pairs, the odds of being dealt pocket tens are 1 in 220.

Having a pair gives you a headstart. However, be careful when playing at a table full of tight players. If you encounter stiff resistance, you are most likely beat as chances are high that your opponents are holding Jacks or better.

Since many people will be playing premium hands, it is good to know how the TNT will fare against other premium hands. Intuitively, we may think that premium hands should all be very good and that one premium hand should only be slightly better than a less premium hand. You may think "Isn't KK just one rank higher than QQ?" but you will be surprised by the extend in which one premium hand can dominate another premium hand, even though there are 5 more cards that can change the outcome.

How TT fare against other starting hands.

Opposing Hand Win % Tie % Lose %
AA 19.77 0.30 79.93
KK 19.37 0.33 80.30
QQ 18.95 0.33 80.72
AKs 53.71 0.36 45.92
JJ 18.53 0.36 81.12
AQs 53.80 0.36 45.84
KQs 53.37 0.37 46.26
AK 57.12 0.31 42.57
AJs 52.72 0.37 46.91

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