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Bad Beat

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A bad beat refers to losing when one has a strong hand beaten by an even stronger hand. However, it is not considered a bad beat if the lost is a result of bad play. For instance, slow playing a nuts straight only to be beaten by a flush when the board has 2 suited cards is bad play and not bad beat.

A series of bad beats can potentially cause even the most seasoned player to go on tilt and lose everything in front of him.

Example of a Bad Beat

Your Hand
Eight of HeartsEight of Diamonds
Nine of HeartsNine of Diamonds
The Flop
Eight of ClubsKing of DiamondsEight of Spades

You just flopped the nuts quad eights! The correct play now is to slow play so you check. Your opponent has two pairs so he bets. You call. The betting round ends and the turn reveals a Nine of Spades.

The Turn
Nine of Spades

You check again. With a full house, your opponent decides to go all-in. Happily, you called!

But the river... the stinking river! A Nine of Clubs... giving him quad Nines!

The Stinking River
Nine of Clubs

What a bad beat!

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