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Continuation Bet

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The continuation bet is a strategy used when you missed the flop (yet again!) when holding strong starting hands like AK, AQ or JJ.

Generally, you should only fire off a continuation bet only when you are the first raiser coming in with a strong preflop raise and you get one to two callers.

The idea is to bluff your opponents into thinking that you are holding pocket aces or pocket kings.

You fire off a continuation bet roughly 1/2 the size of the pot. The betting amount should convey the subtle message that you want them to call you. The objective is to get your opponents to fold and take the pot there and then.

You may want to bet slightly more if the flop suggests a possible flush or straight draw. This should dissuade callers who are on a draw.

Be ready to fold on the turn when you do get called.

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