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Fortune Jack Poker

A side card that does not itself participate in the determining the rank of a hand but used to break ties during showdowns when competing hands are similarly ranked.


King of ClubsKing of DiamondsTen of ClubsNine of SpadesFive of Spades
Pair of Kings

In the above hand, the Ten, Nine and Five are kickers.

How kickers are used to resolve ties

Below is an example of how kickers are used to break ties.

Your Hand
Ace of HeartsSix of Clubs
Six of SpadesEight of Clubs
The Board
Six of HeartsKing of HeartsKing of DiamondsFour of ClubsTwo of Diamonds

While both you and your opponent have made two pairs with Kings and Sixes, you have the winning hand because your kicker is an Ace while your opponent's kicker is only an Eight.

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