Late Position

Fortune Jack Poker

The player on the button (dealer position) and the 2 players to his/her right are said to be in the late position. This is the best position to be playing from in poker.

Players in the late position gets to be the last to act and thus possess tonnes of information on how the other players have played their hands. This gives you a sense of the strength of other players' hands and by knowing this, you can decide whether to play looser or tighter hands. If you sense weakness, you can play looser hands. If you sense strength, then it is only wise to play with stronger starting hands.

Furthermore, in late position, you get to play certain starting hands that are only worth playing when pot odds are higher. Pot odds are higher when more players raised or called. For example, if many players called, you can play with connecting suits or low pocket pairs in the hope of drawing a straight,  flush or a full house.

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