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One Pair

Fortune Jack Poker

A one pair poker hand ranks above high card and below two pairs

One Pair
Jack of HeartsJack of ClubsEight of SpadesFive of DiamondsTwo of Clubs
A pair of Jacks

Ranking One Pair Hands

Competing one-pair poker hands are ranked by their pairs. If both hands have the same ranking pairs, then the kickers are compared to determine the winner.

Example #1

A pair of Tens
Ten of ClubsTen of DiamondsEight of ClubsFive of HeartsFour of Hearts
A pair of Eights
Eight of SpadesEight of HeartsAce of SpadesTen of SpadesSix of Clubs

Example #2

A pair of Sevens with King kicker
Seven of SpadesSeven of HeartsKing of SpadesNine of SpadesFour of Hearts
A pair of Sevens with Ten kicker
Seven of ClubsSeven of DiamondsJack of ClubsTen of ClubsNine of Clubs

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