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Playing Against the Tight Passive Player

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Appropriately nicknamed 'weak-tight', tight but passive players maintain a tight starting hand selection but their play is weak after the flop, often checking and calling instead of betting or raising. Hence, while they may flop winning hands owing to their tight starting hands, they fail to capitalize on them, winning little money with them or even folding them.

Recognising the Tight Passive Player

To identify the weak-tight passive player, look out for the guy who plays few hands, checks on the flop often and rarely bets or raises.

How to play against the Tight Passive Player

It's quite easy to play against a tight passive player. They don't like risk. So whenever they check, just bet and take down the pot.

Reading the Weak-Tight Player's hand

Tight passive players play tight, so it's possible to read their hands. Usually they play with premium hands, pocket pairs and sometimes suited connectors. You can almost certainly put them on a big pocket pair if they had raised preflop.

Use Aggression

Don't call the tight passive player. The tight passive player doesn't like to be reraised and often thinks you have a better hand when you do. Always reraise him when you have a hand. In this case, even if he have the winning hand, he may fold. 

Bluffing the Tight Passive Player

It's not difficult to bluff these players, especially when the board looks scary. The tight passive player usually has read some poker books or played long enough to know what you are trying to represent. Unlike the tight/aggressive player, the tight passive player will reveal weakness by checking. So try to bluff only when they check to you. So long as your raise is aggressive enough, he will very likely fold to your bluff.

Weak-Tight vs The Rock

Some people call tight passive players 'rocks'. I feel that there are significant differences between the two poker playing styles.

The Rock waits for solid starting hands like AA or KK and then bets postflop aggressively. They believe in playing super tight preflop and once they get those solid starting hands, the flop, turn and river doesn't matter as they get married to their big pairs easily.

The weak-tight player, on the other hand, don't play so tight and still tries to hit the flop. Furthermore, they may still fold their hands when they are re-raised while rocks often don't fold even when pushed all-in. 

Both the rock and weak-tight are very poor playing styles. The Rock is too predictable while the weak-tight is simply too... weak.

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