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Playing Suited Connectors vs Tight Opponents

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When the games are tight, suited connectors can be played like big pairs profitably. In tight games, there is alot of folding going on. You seldom even get to see anyone's hole cards since most pots are taken down without a showdown. Usually, the rare times when you get dealt AA or KK, you earn yourself a small pot on the flop when your opponent folds to your continuation bet on the flop. Boring.

Why wait for AA or KK to land when you can create them out of thin air. How? Hynotize yourself to see T9s as KK and 98s as AA? In a way, yes.

To play suited connectors this way, you need to make a decent opening raise of about 4BB. To limit the field, you should only go in from early or middle position. You want them to respect your hand and hence, if you raise from late position, there is a chance that your opponent thinks you are trying to steal the blinds.

You take down the blinds if everyone folds. Fold if you get re-raised preflop as you have lost the initiative you need to play this hand. The ideal situation is when you get called by no more than two opponents.  Continue with a decent sized continuation bet on the flop as usual. Usually, when the games are tight, your opponents will fold if they don't hit anything. If you encounter resistance, folding will be easy since you usually don't have anything.

Occasionally, you may get called or raised when your opponent has hit something. Its easier to lay down these hands down as compared to holding big pairs since you usually have nothing. The big payoff comes when you flopped a draw or a monster hand, and your continuation bet gets called. Your opponent may have hit two pair or a set and is now trying to get paid off, thinking you have a big pair. However, unknown to him, you have the capability to take him down with a straight or flush on the turn and river.

As always, to avoid being too predictable, don't play suited connectors like this too often. If you start getting more action on the flop, you should tighten up your play.

"All warfare is based on deception" - Sun Tzu

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