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A poker hand always consist of 5 cards. In games where more than 5 cards are available to each player, a subset of 5 cards is chosen to form the poker hand. Different games apply different rules when selecting the 5-card subset. Once the poker hands are formed, they are compared using the following ranking system. 

Poker Hand Ranking from Top to Bottom

Ace of SpadesKing of SpadesQueen of SpadesJack of SpadesTen of Spades

Rank #1: A Royal Flush

Nine of DiamondsEight of DiamondsSeven of DiamondsSix of DiamondsFive of Diamonds

Rank #2: A Straight Flush

Ten of SpadesTen of HeartsTen of ClubsTen of DiamondsEight of Clubs

Rank #3: Four-of-a-kind

Queen of SpadesQueen of HeartsQueen of ClubsNine of ClubsNine of Diamonds

Rank #4: Full house

Queen of HeartsJack of HeartsNine of HeartsSeven of HeartsTwo of Hearts

Rank #5: Flush

Nine of ClubsEight of HeartsSeven of HeartsSix of DiamondsFive of Spades

Rank #6: Straight

Seven of SpadesSeven of HeartsSeven of DiamondsFour of ClubsThree of Spades

Rank #7: Three-of-a-kind

King of SpadesKing of DiamondsEight of ClubsEight of DiamondsTen of Diamonds

Rank #8: Two pairs

Five of SpadesFive of ClubsKing of ClubsQueen of HeartsSeven of Spades

Rank #9: One pair

Ace of DiamondsKing of ClubsTen of SpadesNine of DiamondsFour of Clubs

Rank #10: High card

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