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Semi Bluffing

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Semi bluffing is bluffing with a hand that has a chance of improving later on. This is different from a stone cold bluff which is bluffing when your hand has virtually no chance of improving.


Your Hand
Ace of ClubsNine of Clubs
The Flop
Eight of ClubsTwo of DiamondsSeven of Hearts

Everyone checks the flop and the turn reveals a King of Clubs.

The Turn
King of Clubs

Now this is a good opportunity to employ a semi-bluff. By placing your bet at this point, you want to make your opponents believe that you now have a pair of Kings.  This is a semi-bluff since you now have four flush cards and thus also possess a very decent chance to improve to a flush - a 4.2 to 1 chance to be exact.

There are two ways in which you can take the pot. The fastest and safest way is when everyone else folds to your bluff. The other way is to actually make your flush and take the pot during the showdown.

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