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Two Pairs

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Two Pairs
Ten of HeartsTen of ClubsSeven of SpadesSeven of ClubsThree of Hearts
Tens and Sevens

A two pairs hand is a poker hand consisting of two cards of the same rank and another two cards with the same rank (but of a different rank from the first two cards). The remaining card is an unmatched card.

Two pairs ranks above one pair and below three-of-a-kind

Ranking Two Pair Hands

Competing two-pairs poker hands are ranked by their higher ranking pairs. If both hands have the same higher ranking pairs, then the lower ranking pairs are compared. If both the lower ranking pairs are also similarly ranked, then the hand with the highest ranking unmatched card (kicker) wins.

Example #1

Eights and Fives
Eight of SpadesEight of DiamondsFive of SpadesFive of ClubsFour of Diamonds
Sevens and Sixes
Seven of SpadesSeven of ClubsSix of SpadesSix of ClubsKing of Spades

Example #2

Kings and Tens
King of SpadesKing of DiamondsTen of SpadesTen of HeartsThree of Spades

Kings and Eights
King of HeartsKing of ClubsEight of SpadesEight of DiamondsQueen of Hearts

Example #3

Queens and Nines with Ace kicker
Queen of HeartsQueen of DiamondsNine of HeartsNine of DiamondsAce of Hearts
Queens and Nines with Ten kicker
Queen of SpadesQueen of ClubsNine of SpadesNine of ClubsTen of Spades

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